FASHIK SWANRO is Named From Fashion And Swan. Which Represents The Latest Style Of Clothing And Beauty. Our logo is also inspired by Swan. Which is a symbol of Beauty, Grace, Purity, Love and Elegance.

How many times have you found the perfect outfit after spending hours but wished the pattern(style) was different or design was of that kind or the fabric was as your comfort ?

How many times have you asked, “do these outfits run small or large?” getting clothes custom fitted eliminates questions like these, and eliminates any doubt you have.

Fashik swanro offers you a truly contactless online personalized custom designer dresses, as per your expectations & requirements choose the design, the pattern, the fabric, and enter your precise measurements or choose standard sizes. all in just 4 steps, using our innovative mobile application. even if you want pockets or not. play with our dress designer! enjoy a perfect fit in your own custom made to measure dress and custom gowns. forget about standard size dresses.0

With our exclusive dress designer, you can create your perfect fitted custom designer dress to work at the office, or for an event in the evening. it doesn’t matter. you choose your style and the occasion and we will make it to your measure, at an affordable price. get ready in one of our new gowns for the next dress for office, wedding or special event.

We offer to all women complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics.

 All our garments are tailor-made from scratch. after receiving your order and product information, our team begins working to create your piece. no garment is the same as any other

Our approach to fashion brings together the convenience of online shopping and the experience of having clothes custom made. this allows us to offer you a great product at the best price through a touchless experience.

Here is where fashikswanro makes it different. design or customize your own designer dress and enjoy a perfect fit in your own custom designer dress which is made for your only you are unique, your dresses too.


We know the importance of a perfect fit, which is why all our garments are hand-made under strict quality control. in rare occasions your product may not have the right fit, that is why we created our perfect fit guarantee.

You can enter your own precise measurements (in inches*) using the custom sizes option from our mobile app, for a perfect fit. also you can select standard sizes.







Free alterations, no matter how many times you want.

(After Ist Order)


Is your product unalterable?
no problem. we’ll remake it for you.


The main benefit of a custom garment is it fits you like a glove. you can forget about sizes, since you only need to undergo the measuring process once. when you wear perfectly fitting outfits you look and feel better. you stand a little taller and walk a little straighter. others notice the difference in your perfectly fitting attire. they start complimenting your clothing, which boosts your confidence.


We`re experts in our skilled designers, tailors, manufacturing, in order to deliver high-quality products.

The introduction of latest cut technology in our tailoring facilities has taken the reliability of measurements and fit of our garments to a superior level.


Fashikswanro is the fastest made-to-measure company in the world.

Our customers all around the world enjoy free shipping on all orders


When creating a custom wardrobe, you can personalize everything from the choice of fabric, to the buttons and pockets style, lining color, and even lapel width.

 All of your garments are created based on your specific preferences, fabric selection and style.

Introducing Our App

We had develop an innovative mobile application, where user can, design her own dress with just 3 clicks only


  1. Select your design, For The Outfit
  2. Select your Pattern, For The Outfit
  3. Select your Fabric, For The Outfit

Ting! Your Designer Dress is Ready Now.