Be Spoke Service

We live in an age of fashion that expects people to be unique and what better way to express this than to be yourself using fashion as a form of creative expression. And a Dress/Outfit plays a main and an important role in it.

Fashik Swanro understands exclusivity hence basing our business model upon our be spoke services offering. We at Fashik Swanro offer a unique, interactive experience in which the client plays a role in sharing their concepts so that our designers can, through their skills and vision offer our clients a fresh, exclusive and unique out come everytime. Design is harnessing the individuality in usall and creating something bold and unique so as to express that brilliance that emanates from those that crave the exceptional. Fashik Swanro invites you, to it’s design brilliance.

  1. Call, Email, Message or contact with us and speak directly to one of our friendly designers.
  1. An exciting step in our journey together where both, designer and you, share your ideas and creativity towards the overall conceptualised design.During the first consultation measurements of your unique body type will be taken, documented and saved along with our expert guidance in educating you, on the various textiles, cuts, trends and swatches leading upto a conceptual look and feel.
  1. We will accompany you to our raw materials, so that the perfect material can be choosen by both designer and you, based on the first consultations concept for a lavish outcome.
  1. After all materials have been selected on our day out, the designers will begin the crafting process which on average takes about 7 to 10 working days per a garment, leading upto the first fitting in which tweaks to the clothing and adjustments to the measurements can be made.
  1. Through out our journey together, we will strive to ensure that once the order is finally completed, that not only will you step out feeling confident and empowered in your new garment but you will most certainly also have an interesting story to tell everytime you’re complemented upon. A story of how Fashik Swanro’s designers and you, collaborated through out the design process and how it all began with a single thought, an idea which evolved into something amazing!

We`re responsible for making you look gorgeous and feeling fabulous!